Our Team


Todd Broker

When I came to college, I didn’t know God. I spent my first two years living for myself and I was miserable. But some students shared Jesus with me and it started me on the path to change. What really helped my spiritual growth in college was getting plugged into a campus ministry and being mentored by my campus pastor, Mark Randall. As the campus pastor for 212 Murray State, I am passionate about sharing with other college students the same spiritual treasure that was shared with me. Today, I can see God’s blessings throughout my life, including my beautiful wife, Cassie, and our two great kids, Alexis and Nicholas. In addition to serving as the campus pastor for 212, I have also been teaching in the ECO/FIN department at Murray State since 2009 and I serve as the director of the MSU Center for Economic Education.


Bryce Norris

I called myself an atheist in high school. I felt jaded, deceived, and disinterested in Christianity. That changed when alumni from Mark Randall’s ministry at Murray State talked with me about Jesus. For the first time, I had come in contact with people who were bold enough to share the love of God and could challenge my atheism with solid reasoning. As a student at MSU, Mark trained me how to do both of those things and dozens more for other people. I couldn’t be more thankful for the community I get to serve here in Murray. God has given me an amazing family in my wife, Ashley, and my daughter, Evelyn. He has blessed me with an awesome job, teaching in the math department at Murray State. He has called to serve the spiritual needs of university students through 212.


Cassie Broker

I grew up in a great church and youth group. I knew a lot about God when I came to college. But nothing can really prepare you for the experience of being a Christian on a secular college campus. If I hadn’t immediately plugged into a great campus ministry, filled with people who loved Jesus passionately, there’s no telling where I would’ve ended up. It was in that campus ministry where I grew closer to God, made life-long friends and where I met my future husband, Todd. My life is so blessed today and it’s all because of Jesus and the work He did in me while I was in college. Today I help serve the 212 ministry through female discipleship and other responsibilities. I work full-time as a unit director at the local hospital and I am the proud mother of our two kids, Alexis and Nicholas.


Ashley Norris

While I grew up with a Christian background, I never truly understood what it meant to have a relationship with Jesus. My parents divorced when I was young, and I always felt like something was missing in my life. When I went off to college, I was seeking a ministry that would actually push me and challenge me to be everything God has called me to be. Once I found it, I knew God was challenging me to seek out students that were also looking to truly understand the Fathers love for them. As a new mom, my passion has become nurturing and encouraging others in their walk with Jesus. While serving at 212, I hope to come alongside students and help accelerate their growth to be everything God has called them to be, to help them understand what His Love truly is.