For those who laid the foundation:

We all have the privilege of standing on the shoulders of previous generations. Their hard-won victories become the staging point for God to do new and greater things in and through us. We believe that is worthy of honor.

This ministry draws on a heritage of faithful service reaching back to the 1970’s.



Rita and Jerry Hendley visit a struggling church in Murray, KY. Arriving at five-points intersection they catch sight of Murray State University and break down in tears of compassion for the students. They make a commitment to the Lord that they will pastor that struggling church with a heart to reach MSU.



Students Mark Randall and Darrell Ramsey become the primary leaders for the outreach on campus. They set up shop at 14th and Main near Sparks Hall and call it the House of Prayer.

Through the following years, Mark commits his life to serving the students at Murray State winning thousands to the Lord and discipling hundreds.



In the 80’s Mark Randall and the campus ministry met in the building that is now Lucky’s across from Wilson Hall.


Dr. Art Heinz, the Pastor of the local church (Hope Harbor Church) was involved with the campus ministry and was greatly impacted by Mark Randall.


1990’s - Present

Mark buys 901 N 16th St. on the edge of campus. For more than 20 years, Mark uses the property as a safe place for students to live and enjoy Christian community.


Mark Randall served powerfully and faithfully for nearly four decades at Murray State, impacting countless lives for Jesus. His very last night on earth was spent preaching to college students and praying with a few more to start living for God. We are grateful to be among those directly influenced by his ministry and will continue to honor his legacy.